Frequently Asked Questions

Q | Why buy Splash+ Pet Shampoo when I can wash my pet with soap or human shampoo?
A | Splash+ Pet Shampoo is a cleanser specifically formulated by dermatologist for pets prone to itching caused by allergic dermatitis. These pets may suffer from foul smelling skin irritated by infected pustules.  They may have hair loss due to scratching.


Q How many times a week should I bathe my pet with Splash+?
A | If your pet is uncomfortable due to a skin condition or infection that's causing itching, flakiness, redness, bumps and unhealthy skin, Splash+ Pet Shampoo is recommended for use 3 times a week. As the skin becomes less irritated Splash+ Pet Shampoo can be used weekly, as a maintenance product, to keep the skin clean and conditioned.


Q Can I use Splash+ Pet Shampoo on puppies or young pets?
A | Splash+ Shampoo was developed by pet-loving dermatologists for pets of all ages, but should be used from the neck down and rinsed off thoroughly, regardless of pet’s age.


Q | Is Splash+ safe to use on other pets – like rabbits, horses, ferrets, etc.?
A | Splash+ shampoo is to be used from the neck down and rinsed off thoroughly. It is specially formulated to deliver a soothing experience for your four-legged loved one regardless of the animal type or breed.  It will clean and moisturize the skin and fur for all coat types.


Q Do I really need to leave the product on for 5-10 minutes?
A | Splash+ Shampoo reduces inflammation with agents that remove debris, oils and bacteria.  For deep cleaning to occur, the product needs to remain in contact with the skin for five or more minutes.  If the animal has a heavy coat, it will take longer for any product to saturate to the skin level.  Conditioners are present to protect the skin while the cleaning occurs, so feel free to lather it in for as long as 10 minutes.


Q Can I use Splash+ with other topical products that my veterinary wants my pet to use?
A | Designed by a team of veterinary dermatologists, Splash+ Pet Shampoo is specially formulated to restore healthy skin for pets suffering from a variety of skin conditions; so it is expected that some pets will be using a topical product. Like any other shampoo, medications may be washed off, so it is better to apply topical treatments after shampooing, or consult with your Veterinarian when medications are prescribed.


Q Will Splash+ change the effectiveness of my pet’s flea and tick medication (Advantix, etc.)?
A | Splash+ Pet Shampoo may wash away topical medications.  It is best to apply after bathing and consult instructions for use regarding the appropriate time to continue baths.


Q Will my dog need to wear a “cone” collar while bathing or after bathing?
A | Your pet does not need to wear a cone while bathing or after bathing with Splash+ Pet Shampoo, however, we recommend that you use the product from the neck down and keep out of pet’s eyes. You should rinse the shampoo off thoroughly and you may want to rinse the face and eye area as an extra precaution to avoid irritation of the eyes.  If shampoo gets in your pet’s eyes, rinse immediately and thoroughly.


Q Is Splash+ safe for humans to use?
A | Splash+ Pet Shampoo was created by dermatologists for a pet’s skin. The fur of your pet requires a deep cleaning. While human skin will not be harmed by Splash+ Pet Shampoo, cleaning would occur in less time, so feel free to try it out, but only for a couple of minutes.


Q What is the shelf life of Splash+?
A | Splash+ Pet Shampoo has been tested to be effective at 3 years, but the products are likely to be stable for much longer.