She was pretty bad and bleach baths weren't working. The bleach bath would heal the lesions, but it would make her skin worse in other areas because it was so harsh.

Within a day of starting Splash+, the scabs starting falling off and her skin was healing better. I was bathing her just as much, and this was doing some good. She didn't have to wear the collar and we didn't have to worry about her licking.

Same components as the bleach bath without the harshness; my hands weren't getting dry. Really effective at healing the skin. Using it still and haven't seen any lesions come back for months.

Splash+ got rid of the lesions and we continue to use splash about every other day and they haven't come back. Because it was a MRSA infection, I don't think we could have healed the lesions without the Splash+ shampoo.


~ Jessie (Owners: Stephanie and Christopher L.)

Etoile (Owner: Alyce)

We had tried so many things. She was whiter and it calmed her itches.

Splash+ worked immediately, and then every time we shampooed her it helped more.

Etoile had a really bad bacterial staff and she licked so much; it was gross; and this helped. I am continuing to use the product.

I loved it, it was great! I recommended it to another friend whose black lab was having itching issues.


~ Etoile (Owner: Alyce)

Dexter (Owner: Sean)

The irritation went down a little bit but the main thing we noticed was that it relieved the itching. He was pretty bad off and we notice immediately that he didn’t itch as much when we used it. We used it three times a week the first month and now we only use it once every three weeks. His allergies were so severe that medications weren’t powerful enough, his lesions kept popping up. We use this as an aid on top of the medication to give him some kind of comfort so that he is not itching all through the night.

I do like the product, I would definitely refer it to other people, it will cure temporary itchyness, and irritation and swelling and things like that.

This is the only shampoo we use. It’s the best stuff we have.


~ Dexter (Owner: Sean)

Patterson (Owner: Tegan)

We did see a marked difference. His infection was kind of serious.

I like the smell as apposed to some of the other medicated shampoos that I have used. He liked it too.


~ Patterson (Owner: Tegan)

Sam (Owner: Scarlett)

Sam had such severe allergy and hair loss from itching himself, then with using the product we saw hair growth again, the patches were all healed up. It was remarkable.

His hair became softer after a bath. It completely changed the texture of the hair. The hair was course and greasy but then you would give him a bath and his hair would feel like silk. Shampoo controlled odor from the allergies.

After his bath the product does have an odor. Not offensive, but not like the shampoos on the market that are fragrant. We would continue with the product no matter what because benefits are amazing.

Was giving a bath every day to keep it under control. During summer because of the schedule we backed off to once a week and he has an outbreak.


~ Sam (Owner: Scarlett)

The results are in! Another success story from this time, a long haired St. Bernard. She came in as a rescue living outside with yeast infected feet. Her poor toes and pads were raw with red & purple scabs. She was skinny, and it hurt her to walk, she was constantly itching and digging. Don't take it from me, try it yourself.

~ Patience (Groomer & Owner)

We wash Westies, Scotties, Irish Setters, Cocker Spaniels and lots of dogs that have skin problems about once or twice a year. Everyone of my clients say, “As soon as the dog is bathed with this shampoo, the dogs stop itching and the rash starts going down.”

I was in vet medicine for 11 years, so I’ve been around enough to see people using products for years, and nothings ever really worked until this shampoo.

Number one thing, the dogs smell better. Clients love the smell of it.

I can’t tell you a dog that hasn’t had success, which is amazing, and these are dogs that get taken to the vet all the time because they have rashes and skin infections. It’s been a godsend to people we know.

The benefit is, it is cheaper than going to the vet every time your dog gets a skin infection. When we had another dog that we were fostering, it would be $1,000 each time he got an infection. It would take 2-3 cycles of antibiotics, and the visits, and it never really cleared the dog up anyway.

I’m surprised and blown away by how well this works.

~ Christine (Groomer)